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Bridestowe Lavender Farm tours from Launceston plus a bushwalk to Lilydale Falls, Grindelwald Swiss Village and Cataract Gorge.


8 hours, $200/person, $720 private charter for 1 - 4 passengers. 

(Harvesting finishes end of January or early February)

  • Entry fees included.  (For 2 or more guests)

Bridestowe Lavender

Don't miss out on this must-see Bridestowe Lavender Farm Tour.  The Lavender estate at Nabowla is regarded as one of Tasmania's most iconic and pleasing landscapes.

The fragrant lavenders flower in December, so don't miss out if you have the opportunity to witness this gorgeous farm.

We also visit Lilydale Falls, Grindelwald, a piece of Switzerland in the heart of the Tamar Valley and Cataract Gorge.

Tasmania travel seniors

Learn everything there is to know about the exquisite lavender and enjoy the cafe which incorporates lavender product into their food and drink.



  1. Lilydale Falls:- Another popular picnic area and a short, easy walk will find two sets of picturesque falls, one above the other;

  2. Bridestowe Estate:- Visit the Lavender Farm and stroll around the farm and stop for morning tea;

  3. West Tamar Scenic Route:- Cross the Batman Bridge to the Western side of the Tamar River and follow the water's edge to Brady's Lookout;

  4. Grindelwald:-  Explore this small Swiss styled village before returning to Launceston;

  5. Cataract Gorge:-  If time permits we also will visit the beautiful Cataract Gorge in the centre of Launceston.

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