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Day trips to Cradle Mountain to explore the beauty of the Central Highlands also includes Sheffield Murals & optional Berry Farm and Cheese tasting.

(Side trip to Launceston's Cataract Gorge if time permits)


9 hours, $300/person, $1,050 private charter for 1 - 4 passengers.   

Park entry fees & lunch included.  (For 2 or more guests)

Cradle Mountain is a beautiful display of nature surrounded by wilderness and ancient forests inviting those with a passion for exploring Tasmania's unique natural landscapes.

Sheffield the 'Town Of Murals' has murals that are painted on the side walls of most of the buildings throughout the town. 

Cradle Mountain

You haven't truly seen the beauty Tasmania has to offer until you've been on our Cradle Mountain tour.


Cradle Mountain forms the northern end of the Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National park and the start of the overland track where native wildlife abounds and you are sure to see some wallabies and wombats and more.

Tasmania’s birding tour


  • Pick up from Launceston CBD at 08:30;

  • Drop off in Launceston CBD at around 17:30;

  • Tour Duration approximately 9 hours.


  1. Cradle Mountain:- Explore Dove Lake with short or long walks around the lake against the backdrop of the majestic Cradle Mountain and visit the magical Waldheim Chalet and rainforest walk.  You can choose to walk around the beautiful Dove Lake or explore a number of shorter walking tracks in this spectacular area;

  2. Sheffield:- Stroll around the murals and view the competition arena and the display of previous years winners;

  3. Railton:-  Drive through the Town Of Topiary and view the majestic animals and sculptures crafted from wire frames and green vegetation;

  4. Elizabeth Town (if time permits):-  Ashgrove Cheese factory lies within the heart of the dairying and cropping region in Northern Tasmania.  Several generations of Bennett families have been farming the land surrounding the milk and cheese factory since the 1880s;

  5. Christmas Hills:- Visit the Raspberry farm and test the chocolate covered berries or sample other tasty delights whilst walking around the dam searching for Pademelons and Platypus';

  6. Deloraine:- Enjoy the river views and old power station and see how many unique art sculptures you can count in the main street;

  7. Launceston:- Visit the iconic Cataract Gorge (if time permits) to learn about the history of this historic city.

Cradle Mountain - Launceston tours
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