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Discover Tasmania Tours - Terms and Conditions

Discover Tasmania Tours
13 William St, Westbury, Tasmania  7303
+61 (0) 447 673 459

ABN: 47 632 466 542


Terms and Conditions

Travel arrangements and prices detailed on this website site are provided and coordinated by Discover Tasmania Tours.  All tours and prices are subject to change without notice.  All maps, photographs, illustrations and computer-based graphics are included for general purposes only and are not always indicative of the subject matter.  Maps are not to scale.


Exclusions from Prices

Entry fees to attractions may incur an additional charge per person.

Meals and beverages are available en-route at passengers expense.

How can I pay for the tour?

  • ​Cash;

  • Credit Card;

  • On line booking page;

  • Electronic Funds Transfer.

    • J E Lovell T/A Discover Tasmania Tours

    • National Australia Bank, Launceston

    • BSB  087 728

    • Account  589 068 381


Private Charter

Private charters are the hiring of the driver/guide and 4WD vehicle for a nominated or custom tour.  The costs quoted are for a maximum of 4 (four) passengers.


Validity of Rates

Prices are inclusive of the Australian Goods and Services Tax. 

Payment is due within 72 hours of receiving written confirmation from Discover Tasmania Tours.  


Cancellation Policy

For all tours featured within this website the following cancellation conditions apply:

Days of Notice Refund Per Person:

30 days or more - full refund less booking system and credit card transaction fees;

29 – 15 days  - 50% of tour costs;

14 days or less - no refund.

Cancellations of Confirmed bookings (where payment has been made) will attract AUD$50.00 (inc. GST) Administration fee.  We reserve the right to offer alternative tours of a similar standard in the case of any reason beyond our control.

All cancellations must be received in writing by Discover Tasmania Tours and are not effective until this notification has been received.

There is no refund for unused services or portions of the tour.


Luggage Limits

Touring is in a 4WD vehicle with limited luggage capacity.  Each passenger is requested to limit their luggage to one small soft bag weighing no more than 7kg whilst on day tours.


Limitation of Liability

No passenger will be permitted to embark or continue on any or tour while their mental or physical condition is, in opinion of any representative of Discover Tasmania Tours, such as to render them incapable to care for themselves, or whereby they became objectionable to other passengers, or they became a hazard to themselves or other passengers.  Discover Tasmania Tours will not be responsible for expenses resulting in such persons being precluded from completing the tour for any reason.

Discover Tasmania Tours accepts no responsibility for any death, injury, illness, loss (including loss of enjoyment), damage, detention, delay (including mechanical breakdown) beyond its reasonable control.

Any term, condition or warranty express or implied by statute or otherwise for the products and/or services is excluded to the full extent permitted by law.  However, nothing in this booking contract excludes, restricts or modifies the application of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) as amended, consolidated, supplemented or replaced.

To the full extent permitted by law, Discover Tasmania Tours liability arising under or in connection with this booking contract:

(a) is limited to the re-supply of the services or the payment of the cost of re-supply of the services to you; and

(b) excludes liability for any indirect or consequential losses suffered by you or any third party, howsoever caused, including but not limited to pure economic loss or any special, extraordinary or punitive damage to you or any other party.

Discover Tasmania Tours reserves the right to cancel any ticket or booking or refuse to carry any passenger where payment has not been received within the specified time.


Force Majeure

Force Majeure means the occurrence of an event that is beyond Discover Tasmania Tours reasonable control and which could not have been reasonably prevented by Discover Tasmania Tours, which includes but is not limited to:

(a) war, armed conflict, criminal damage, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity or the threat of any such acts;

(b) natural disaster (including but not limited to flooding, fire, earthquake, landslide), adverse weather conditions, high or low water levels;

(c) nuclear or other industrial accident causing environmental pollution or contamination; and/or

(d) change in law, meaning enactment, amendment (including repeal) in the law or administration of any law in Australia or any jurisdiction or territory relevant to the booking contract, which include changes in statute, regulation, determination, by-law, declaration, licence and includes the common law as applicable from time to time.


Termination of booking contract or change of travel arrangements due to Force Majeure

If Discover Tasmania Tours, in its reasonable opinion, considers that any Force Majeure event prevents Discover Tasmania Tours (whether directly or through its employees, contractors, subcontractors and agents) from lawfully and/or safely providing any products and/or services subject of the booking contract to you, Discover Tasmania Tours may immediately by written notice:

(a) terminate the booking contract (in whole or in part); and/or

(b) change your travel arrangements as reasonably practicable to ensure your safety and invoice you for any additional costs of performing this function.


Limitation of liability in the event of Force Majeure

In the event that Discover Tasmania Tours cancels or changes your travel arrangements in any way due to a Force Majeure event, Discover Tasmania Tours will not be liable to you in contract, tort, statute or restitution for any loss (including but not limited to loss of deposit or purchase price and loss of enjoyment), damage, costs, charges, expenses or injury resulting from or in connection with (whether directly or indirectly):

(a) the cancellation or change to your travel arrangements; and/or

(b) the Force Majeure event.

For the avoidance of doubt, Discover Tasmania Tours is not liable to refund any part of the deposit and/or purchase price paid by you if Discover Tasmania Tours subsequently changes or cancels your travel arrangements in connection with a Force Majeure event.

World weather, civil unrest and terrorism are becoming more erratic and unpredictable and these are risks beyond Discover Tasmania Tours control.  It is your responsibility to purchase adequate comprehensive travel insurance to protect yourself against these risks.



Itineraries are subject to alteration without notice and intended as a guide only.  Alterations may come about due to road, weather or tidal conditions, strikes, public holidays, local festivals or other reasons.  Due to the nature of the rugged terrain and remote areas, weather fluctuations can adversely affect road conditions which may necessitate alterations to itinerary with little or no notice.

Any additional expense incurred by the passenger due to changes to the itinerary is not Discover Tasmania Tours responsibility.  It is your responsibility to purchase adequate comprehensive travel insurance to protect yourself against these risks of additional costs.  Discover Tasmania Tours can give no guarantee as to the exact arrival and departure times for carriers and operators used by Discover Tasmania Tours in the tour and Discover Tasmania Tours will not be liable for failure to make connections with any other services or attractions beyond its control.

As is normally the case with group tours, a minimum number of bookings is required in order for a tour to be financially viable and to have a pleasant group atmosphere. In the event that adequate numbers cannot be achieved, it may be necessary to cancel a scheduled departure and to offer the nearest possible alternative date (or a full refund of monies paid for Discover Tasmania Tours). The date on which the decision is made is usually 1week before the scheduled departure date.


Weather Conditions

Every effort will be made to adhere to itineraries.  However, due to the rugged nature of the terrain and remoteness of some areas, weather and road conditions may necessitate itinerary changes.  Please bring and wear suitable clothing and footwear to suit the conditions.



Government regulations forbid smoking in tourist vehicles, however frequent stops are made for those wishing to smoke.


Health and Fitness

As tours visit remote areas and feature activities with varying degrees of difficulty, such as walks over uneven and rocky ground, it is vital to select a walking route with an activity level suited to your health and fitness.  It is your responsibility to carry any medication you require for the tour’s duration.  We recommend carrying medication in your hand luggage from the time you leave home.

This web site may contain information about activities which by reason of their physical exertion or the degree of physical fitness required may be unsuitable or dangerous for certain persons, or it may describe activities which are inherently dangerous.

Discover Tasmania Tours makes no representations of fact, nature, quality and suitability about any or all of the activities promoted on this site and user agrees that the user shall be responsible for first satisfying himself/herself by independent enquiry or advice as to the suitability of the particular activity. 

Covid-19 - Business Update

Please click on this link to obtain the latest Covid-19 news for Tasmanian visitors.

Website Access

Any access of this site by the user is entirely at the users own risk and Discover Tasmania Tours shall not be responsible for the propagation of computer worms or viruses transmitted from the site.


Seat Allocation on Tours

To ensure all passengers enjoy forward and window facing seats, we have incorporated a regular seat rotation system.


Service Inquiries

If a problem occurs during your tour, advise your Driver-Guide so that steps can be taken to resolve the matter immediately. If you remain dissatisfied, any complaint must be made in writing to us within 30 days.


Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend passengers to take out travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances which may arise (including cancellation fees, medical and curtailment expenses, loss of luggage, early departure from the tour due to death or illness, etc.).



Some images within this website are courtesy of Tourism Tasmania and Tourism Australia.

Title: Salamanca Square
Mandatory credit: O&M St John Photography

Title: Aerial view of Hobart
Mandatory credit: Stuart Gibson

Title: View of Hobart from Mt Wellington/kunanyi Lookout
Mandatory credit: Peter Topliss

Title: Salamanca Market and Mt Wellington
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

Title: Mole Creek Caves tour (formerly Marakoopa Cave tour)
Mandatory credit: Tourism Australia & Graham Freeman

Title: Great Short Walks - Liffey Forest Reserve
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania & Dan Fellow

Title: Moles Creek Caves tour (formerly King Solomon Cave tour)
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania & Paul Flood


Title: Great Western Tiers
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania & Geoffrey Lea


Title: Strahan Waterfront
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett


Title: West Coast Wilderness Railway - Iron Bridge
Mandatory credit: Paul Fleming

Title: Tessellated Pavement
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania & Lee Henley


Title: Blowhole, Pirates Bay
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania & Kathryn Leahy

Title: Penitentiary - Port Arthur Historic Site
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania & Poon Wai Nang

Title: Remarkable Cave
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania & Lee Henley

Title: City Park, Launceston
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

Title: Launceston CBD
Mandatory credit: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett

Title: Port Arthur Historic Site - Aerial 
Mandatory credit: Hype TV

Title: Port Arthur Historic Site 
Mandatory credit: Supplied Courtesy of Port Arthur Historic Site

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